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CoaguChek® resources

Find information about training, reimbursement/insurance coverage, and CoaguChek® system manuals, and access clinical studies.

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Learn how to use the CoaguChek® systems

Watch the following training videos for the device you would like to become more familiar with. All device manuals are available to download.

How to use the CoaguChek® INRange for patient self-testing

How to use the CoaguChek® Pro II for in-clinic testing

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Patient resources

Your patients access this training video in the Self-testing section, which also includes step-by-step written instructions (with photos) to help them manage each part of the self-testing process.

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Additional training resources for healthcare professionals

The training information and websites listed below are for healthcare professionals who want to further their expertise in anticoagulation management. These links are provided for your convenience, and are neither owned nor endorsed by Roche Diagnostics Canada, its parent company, or its affiliates.

This certificate consists of two components: an online, self-paced learning module, and an experiential mini-clinical rotation comprising three visits to the anticoagulation clinic at the Centre for Family Medicine.

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This online course is designed as a resource to help prepare the pharmacist for the responsibility of monitoring and managing anticoagulation therapy patients and clinics. It is also designed to serve as a starting point to help the pharmacist prepare for the Certified Anticoagulation Care Provider (CACP) exam.

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This training pertains to the follow-up care for anticoagulated patients, including dose adjustment and patient education. It does not touch on the technical aspects, INR testing, or the economic aspects of an anticoagulation service.

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