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Designed to meet your patients where they are

When it comes to coagulation monitoring, the right tool can make all the difference for your patients. Support their anticoagulation journey by bringing them closer to a simple and accurate solution.

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When it comes to choosing the right oral anticoagulant for your patients, there are multiple factors to consider. Explore patient profiles as well as an overview of the medication options.

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DOAC: direct oral anticoagulant; VKA: Vitamin K antagonist

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Convenient INR testing in your office

Using the CoaguChek® Pro II system for INR testing at your office is a safe, reliable alternative to lab testing that allows you to check your patients’ coagulation levels at any time.

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The benefits of patient self-testing

In patients for whom self-testing is appropriate, not only is the ability to test coagulation levels at home convenient, but it may also improve the time they stay in range.

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The CoaguChek® Roche Care Centre is here to answer your questions.

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