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CoaguChek® offers a range of systems

Whether in the clinic or at home, INR control with a CoaguChek® system is simple, reliable, and safe.

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CoaguChek® for point-of-care (POC) testing

CoaguChek® Pro II device

CoaguChek® Pro II system

The CoaguChek® Pro II coagulation meter features multiple enhancements to the previous generation of CoaguChek® devices (CoaguChek® XS Plus and CoaguChek® XS Pro). It brings the lab closer to the patient in the hospital environment. In addition, it continues to support vitamin K antagonist (VKA) therapy monitoring in the professional segments, such as anticoagulation clinics, pharmacies, and doctors’ offices.

Two assays can be determined with the new CoaguChek® Pro II meter: prothrombin time (PT) (with extended claims) and activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT).

The CoaguChek® Pro II meter features:

  • 2D barcode reader for patient, operator, and control identification for faster ID entry
  • Universal battery pack, charging via power adapter and/or base unit (HBU)
  • Enhanced connectivity through wireless technology and/or the unique QR code feature
  • PT/INR results in approximately one minute
  • aPTT results in less than five minutes
  • Side and top dosing options with a drop of venous, capillary, or arterial fresh whole blood (min. 8 µL)

Clinically vital

From the floors of the pharmacy, the OR, the ER, or the ICU, aPTT and PT results are in your hands in real time.

Enhanced connectivity

Critical information is available when and where it is needed most. Wireless connectivity and a barcode scanner make digital input and output simple and intuitive. The QR code feature streamlines your workflow by enabling results to be easily sent to any data management system immediately, with no need to transcribe results.

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CoaguChek® XS Pro device

CoaguChek® XS Pro

Please note: The CoaguChek® XS Pro is no longer available for purchase but continues to be supported by Roche Diagnostics.

The CoaguChek® XS Pro is designed for professional use and features IT connectivity and quality compliance.

Supports the medical and clinical value of point-of-care testing

  • Proven lab accuracy and precision
  • Time-critical results in one minute for efficient workflow
  • Capillary sampling for better patient comfort
  • Barcode reader for faster, error-free ID entry
  • Onboard quality control (QC) ensures accuracy of each test strip
  • Easy portability for flexible testing

Helps you meet laboratory accreditation standards

  • Electronic data capture and transmission aids compliance
  • Positive patient and operator identification
  • Optional QC lockout to meet regulatory requirements
  • Manages and facilitates operator training and compliance (with cobas IT 1000)
  • Optional external quality assurance (EQA) program for prothrombin time (PT)

Enables IT connectivity

  • Permits systems communications with hospital and laboratory information systems via Roche cobas IT 1000 or other standards-compliant data management solutions
  • Can be connected to a computer and integrated to electronic patient records or warfarin dosage software for better practice management
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CoaguChek® for patient self-testing

CoaguChek® INRange device

CoaguChek® INRange

The CoaguChek® INRange system was designed to replace the CoaguChek® XS.

Built-in wireless Bluetooth® technology allows you to be connected to your patients, who can now transmit their PT/INR results from their meter to you. This will allow you to keep patients on track and in range—anytime, anywhere.

CoaguChek® technology and quality have been recognized to facilitate vitamin K antagonist (VKA) patient self-testing in a safe, accurate, and reliable manner.1

Key features:

Results trend reporting: The CoaguChek® INRange meter will let your patients know if their most recent result is higher or lower than their last result to help understand trends.

Target range aware: Once your patients set up targets in their CoaguChek® INRange, it will clearly let them know about results that are out of that range.

Connectivity via Bluetooth® or USB: Connect the meter using Bluetooth® or USB to quickly and easily send results to the healthcare professional. For more information about compatible software for data transfer with the CoaguChek® INRange meter, please contact your local Roche Diagnostics customer support.

Commenting: Your patients can enter up to six comments with each result to help them remember any past actions that may have affected the result.

Colour display: The colour display makes important information such as colour-coded results noticeable so that they are easy to read and understand.

Reminders and on-screen help: Reminders can be set up for important events such as when to test, take medication, or attend a doctor’s appointment. On-screen help provides text guidance throughout the test procedure.

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CoaguChek® XS device

CoaguChek® XS

Please note: The CoaguChek® XS is no longer available for purchase but continues to be supported by Roche Diagnostics.

The CoaguChek® XS system makes coagulation self-testing easy for patients. It can also be used for point-of-care testing in low-volume clinics.

Patient self-testing

Studies show that patients who self-test tend to be more satisfied with their anticoagulation care.2,3

Systematic reviews of clinical evidence show that more frequent testing increases time in therapeutic range (TTR) and leads to fewer life-threatening events.3,4

Many healthcare professionals tell us their patients feel more independent, yet secure in the knowledge that they are being closely guided.

Point-of-care testing

CoaguChek® monitoring systems empower healthcare professionals to make immediate, knowledge-based adjustments of anticoagulation therapy with minimum inconvenience to patients. Most patients prefer point-of-care INR testing over laboratory testing for its small fingerprick sample (vs. laboratory blood draw).4

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Do you have questions about using the CoaguChek® systems?

Visit our FAQ page for answers.



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