Greater safety, freedom and quality of life

In Canada, more than 350,000 patients are on anticoagulation treatment and that number is growing by over 10% each year. CoaguChek® is a portable coagulometer that provides INR results in less than one minute from a single drop of blood taken from the tip of the finger. CoaguChek® has demonstrated accuracy and is recognized internationally as a reliable means of monitoring INR.

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How does coagulation self-testing work?


You can keep an eye on your INR anytime and anywhere.

Greater safety

Studies have shown the advantages of self-testing.

Better quality of life

Remain independent with self-testing.

How to self-test

The determination of your INR with CoaguChek® XS or the CoaguChek® INRange appliance is simple and only requires four steps:

  • Test strip insertion

    Step 1:

    First insert the test strip in the measuring device and confirm that the code chip matches the strip.

  • Finger pricking

    Step 2:

    After a warm-up phase, obtain a small drop of blood from the fingertip virtually painlessly with the CoaguChek® Softclix® lancet.

  • Placement of the blood drop on the test strip

    Step 3:

    Place the drop on the test strip within 15 seconds.

  • Coagulation level reading

    Step 4:

    After only one minute, you can read your current coagulation level.

CoaguChek® INRange: How-to video

Watch the short video below to learn more about how to use CoaguChek® INRange to determine your INR.

Frequently asked questions

Visit our Training section to watch a how-to video, download a getting started guide and informational brochures, and more.

The values obtained from using the CoaguChek® XS or CoaguChek® INRange system are reliable. The system is designed to automatically measure the functioning of each test strip after it has been inserted in order to avoid faulty test results. If, for instance, a test strip has been positioned incorrectly, the device will show an error message. See our Support section for a list of all possible error messages and what to do.

If you get an error message, you may also contact our CoaguChek® Roche Care Centre toll-free at 1-877-426-2482, Monday to Friday between 8 am and 5 pm (EST).

Please call the CoaguChek Roche Care Center right away, toll-free at 1-877-426-2482, for any error messages to prevent wasting your strips.

The Coaguchek instrument has a 2-year warranty, please ensure to fill out the form upon purchase of the instrument. The meter is not repairable but for any issues, please call the Coaguchek Info-Line (1-877-426-2482) to confirm whether the meter will need to be replaced. Some of these issues can be solved with the help of the Coaguchek Roche Care Center.

To validate your 2-year warranty you can fill-in the formulary here

When performing a control test with the CoaguChek XS PT Control solution, leave the code chip of the test strip in the meter, the code chip from the Control solution box must NOT be used. The code chip that comes with the control solution is meant to be used with another meter.

Many pharmacies and clinics offer point-of-care INR testing and can also follow patients who self-test INR with CoaguChek®.

Great news! In Quebec, since February 2017, the general drug insurance plan reimburses CoaguChek® strips for every patient.

In addition to refunding the strips, some private insurance plans also reimburse the meter. Contact your insurance company for more information. Get detailed information on coverage and reimbursement here.

You can purchase a CoaguChek® XS meter from your local pharmacy. Please contact your local pharmacy ahead of time, so that they can order the meter and strips from their wholesaler/distributor.

Our measuring devices are maintenance-free. When the CoaguChek® XS or CoaguChek® INRange is switched on, the system runs through several internal function checks. You do not need to carry out or arrange for any other maintenance.

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