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With the CoaguChek® XS or CoaguChek® INRange, you can measure your INR (coagulation level) not only by yourself, but more safely. With regular self-testing, you will detect fluctuations immediately, which may help you stay in the target range.

Reaching your target

The first step is to talk to your doctor about your interest in managing your coagulation levels yourself.

Self-testing is suitable for patients on long-term (usually life-long) anticoagulation with vitamin K antagonists (e.g., warfarin).

If you decide to start self-testing, ask your doctor to provide you with a prescription for your meter, which you can then obtain from your pharmacy.

If you have any questions, the CoaguChek® Roche Care Centre would be happy to assist you.

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Frequently asked questions

Don’t be shy about mentioning self-testing to your doctor. Explain how it would make your everyday life easier. For instance, you may consider blood tests from the vein stressful and feel restricted by the frequent doctor’s visits. Or, you would like to be able to eat what you like again, but feel safe about it. All these could be reasons why you should become a self-tester.

Our website offers training via YouTube videos, which are very easy to follow.

If you have any questions, please contact our CoaguChek® Roche Care Centre Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm toll-free at 1-877-426-2482. We will be happy to walk you through all the various steps of self-testing.

You can also contact us online here.

In order to become a self-tester, you need a certain amount of manual dexterity and practice. It is also possible for a family member to take on this task. Knowing that you will not be alone may encourage you to take the first step. Our website offers training via YouTube videos , which are very easy to follow.

All training material (training videos) are available online and additional documents are also available to help support you.

There is no calibration task that needs to be performed by the user. The system (instrument and test strips) auto calibrates with the test strip corresponding code chip lot number inserted in the instrument.

If your system needs to be verified for its performance, please ask your pharmacist if they can perform the CoaguChek XS PT Control test for you. or call the Coaguchek Info-Line/Coagulation Info-Line(1-877-426-2482) for assistance.

You can purchase a CoaguChek® XS meter from your local pharmacy. Please contact your local pharmacy ahead of time, so that they can order the meter and strips from their wholesaler/distributor.

Whether you are already a coagulation self-tester or planning to become one, the CoaguChek® Roche Care Centre can answer your questions. A qualified team is available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm (HNE) toll-free at 1-877-426-2482.

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