Point-of-care INR testing

Point-of-care INR testing: Simple, reliable, and safe

In patients for whom patient self-testing is not suitable, INR testing with the CoaguChek® Pro II (or XS Pro) system is an attractive alternative to lab testing. It offers healthcare professionals the opportunity to determine a patient’s coagulation status at any time, which improves treatment transparency.

What you need to know about using the CoaguChek® Pro II (or XS Pro) system for INR testing

Simplifies clinic organization

Reduces workload

Better patient experience

Improves comfort and convenience

Reliable quality

POC test results are comparable to lab results

Quality control

Service materials for quality assurance

Frequently asked questions

In general, measuring coagulation values is done with biological materials, which can vary naturally in individual patients. In the case of anticoagulation with vitamin K antagonists (VKAs), changes in the activity of the coagulation factors occur, which can also vary between different patients.

In addition to these immutable “natural” differences, external factors can contribute to measurement value deviations. This can result in differences between measurement values from different labs and results obtained using the CoaguChek® system.

Here are just a few of the contributing factors:

  • Varying sensitivities of the reagents used
  • Varying procedures during the pre-analytics
  • Influences of the calibration (determination and consideration of the deviation of a reagent/measuring device from a reference)

Note: Quick values measured with different reagents cannot be compared with one another because of the lack of standardization. Therefore, most professional associations now recommend the use of the INR value.

Pre-analytics include the various process steps that are taken before, during, and after the sample-taking for measurements using the CoaguChek® Pro II (XS Pro) system in a clinic or lab. From experience, these steps contain a number of sources of error that can influence the measurement results.

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